About Esther

DSC_0123Brian(my supportive hubby), Zane(my fantastic 2 year old), Sterling(Esther Birth Services founder/Doula) and Millie (my brand new sweetheart!)

I’m Sterling Ortiz and I’m a doula. I created Esther Birth Services once my Doula journey began. After birthing my own 2 children I realized just how significant and trans-formative the birthing experience is and what a profound and enduring impact it can have on a woman. I learned that support is an important foundation for the best experience and I want to be that support for other women and families.
My goal is to help you accomplish your goals.

I see myself as an asset to you as a knowledgeable resource and guide on your journey. I will support you emotionally, physically, and educationally every step of the way, according to your individual needs and preferences.

I am conscientious about interacting positively and professionally with the rest of your birth team, including your health care providers, because I believe it benefits you and your experience when we all work cohesively in our individual roles.

I can help you find your voice and empower yourself to have the birth that is right for you. I believe power is found in being an informed, active participant in your birth, making the decisions that are right for you.

Ultimately, I believe that birth matters. I believe that women and babies and families matter and that birth has an impact on who we are as mothers and women.
You truly deserve to have the best possible experience and support!

I love to learn and I am always working to grow my skills to better serve my clients.
I am a bookworm, so far I have actively studied and read upwards around 20 books about childbirth education, support, and books about the science and nature of birth.
I will be working towards an official Doula Certification through ProDoula©.
I am attending a labor workshop Febuary 6-7 2016.
I will also be taking childbirth education, hypnobirthing, and lactation consulting classes throughout this year so I will be fully prepared to best serve you and your family.


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